AutoFry makes it possible for food service operators to safely produce and sell fried food to a consistent standard, without the need for expensive exhaust systems Click here to view a comparison between traditional vented fryers vs ventless fryers. In Australia AutoFry is exclusively distributed by Roband Australia.

All AutoFry machines are programmable (up to 18 items) and easy to operate.  Food can be simply placed in the entry chute, the cook program selected and the machine automatically fries, shakes during cooking and delivers the precisely cooked food to a receiving tray beside the machine.  This means that the operator can ensure consistent results time after time, regardless of staff’s skills.

Most importantly, each AutoFry features an in air filtering hood, along with a Fire Suppression system, eliminating the need to install expensive venting systems in the kitchen – all that’s required is background ventilation to run an AutoFry machine.

For this reason, the high-quality AutoFry range of machines, made in the USA, are a logical choice for cinemas, pubs, clubs, convenience stores and more, where the revenue stream from fried food is sought, but the cost to install traditional exhaust systems is prohibitive. AutoFry is highly profitable, find out more here.

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Highly Reliable

With 20 years of proven dependability, the AutoFry is field tested.


Simplifry™ technology offers 18 programmable presets, standby mode, heat/time compensation intelligence and multiple language options.

Immediately profitable

Extremely economical to operate since no hoods or vents are required.

Extremely Safe

ANSUL® fire suppression technology is built into all models.

Industry Leadership

Invented over two decades ago and now represents the gold standard in ventless deep-frying technology.

Proven Track Record

AutoFry clients include the industry leaders within the cinema, retail, convenience store, pub, club and restaurant markets worldwide.